Published on Saturday, December 04, 2021

Handbook Updated

The final part of Update 13.1 is the completely rewritten Section 4 - Clothing and Advertising Regulations.  The BWF Regulations are set out in their entirelty as are those for Parabadminton and also at page 4.9 those of Badminton England which apply to (currently) all events in England other than the All England Championships.  Also included for quick reference towards the end of the Section is the BWF published visual guide to the regulations. (pages 4.10 to 4.34).  There is a link at the bottom of page 4.10 to the more recently BWF publication which has 34 pages of coloured photographs giving examples of clothing that for various reasons does or does not comply with the regulations - these are insome cses quite small and will not be reproduced in this handbook.

Minor conseqent changes to Section 1 (page numbers are updated) and also a minor change to the layout of page 1 of Section 1 are also included in this update.  

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Author: Doug Morden

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