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Published on Thursday, August 21, 2014

Suggestions for the New Website

The following suggestions have been made thus far and are listed in no particular order. Listing a suggestion here does not imply that the idea is going to be included on the site in the form suggested.

Suggestion Detail
Bulletin Board For both breaking/current News articles and for reminders (e.g. subs due, etc.)
Photo Uploading Ability for members to upload photos.
Event Reports A place on the site where event reports can be posted. Perhaps an online form can be set up to facilitate this.
ITC Expand on the current "Initial Training" page to include more info on courses and pathways for new and recently qualified umpires.
Handbook In more than one format - e.g. standard A4 and 2 x A5 on one A4 page (for inclusion in the printed handbook), properly aligned so that people can use two-sided printing.
BWF & BE Page For BWF and Badminton Europe matters (e.g. courses, law changes, etc.)
Documents A document page with resources such as a blank score sheet and a blank Manager of Umpires sheet.
Regional Pages A page for each on the Regions in the Members section.

If you have any suggestions for the layout and/or content of the new BUAofE site, please leave a comment on this page (you need to be a Member of the Association and logged in to the site to do this) or send an email to with your suggestion(s). If applicable, please include links to sites that already have features that you'd like to see in operation on our own site (e.g. FAQ, Wiki, video and image galleries, social media feeds, etc.) While we may not include all ideas (at least initially), it will be useful to know what sort of content you, the visitors to our site, are looking for.

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Steve Hubbard

7/30/2015 3:49 PM

How about a few situations that have occurred at events allowing members to consider and the "official" answer be given a month later on the site under a training page.

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