Authorised Umpires

The 81 currently active BUAofE umpires:

Region County Umpire
North Cheshire Gavin McStay
North Cheshire Margaret Redfern
North Cheshire Jonathan Richards
North Derbyshire Sheshadri Nagaraja Nittoor
North Durham Paul Edwards
North Isle of Man David Craig
North Isle of Man Caroline Whitehead
North Lancashire Amanda Balaam
North Lancashire Malcolm Banham
North Lancashire Alan Crow
North Lancashire Simon Dart
North Lancashire Tracy Davies
North Lancashire David Li
North Lancashire Stephen Roe
North Lancashire Nigel South
North Lancashire Yunus Suleman
North Lancashire Zhanyan Xu
North Lancashire Wenqing Zhang
North Leicestershire Prina Karia
North Leicestershire Punit Modi
North Leicestershire John Ngoi
North Leicestershire Rajesh Rahul
North Lincolnshire Paul Buffham
North Lincolnshire Adam Kowalski
North Lincolnshire Michael Willans
North Northumberland Elizabeth Alam
North Northumberland Angela McGough
North Northumbria Charles Cheung
North Nottinghamshire Lizzy James
North Nottinghamshire Phil James
North Nottinghamshire Swee Lim
North Staffordshire Rohan Smith
North Yorkshire Vicky Hatton
North Yorkshire Nicola Read
North Yorkshire Gavin Smith
North Yorkshire Ross Smith
South Berkshire Martin Godfrey
South Berkshire Vinay Kumar
South Berkshire Doug Morden
South Devon Sarah Preece
South Devon Sue Williams
South Dorset Allan Potter
South Dorset Tom Tannassee
South Gloucestershire Oliver Knibbs
South Hampshire Jingxiu Ouyang
South Kent Philip Jones
South Kent Venkatesha Kodagi
South Kent George Koshy
South Surrey Alexane Blyth
South Surrey Ross Blyth
South Surrey Dominic Codera
South Surrey Claudio Di Mauro
South Surrey Ian Johnstone
South Surrey Seyedeh Parisa Shahsafi
South Surrey Kenneth Koon Lun Wong
South Surrey Sainan Zhou
South Sussex Michael Woei Kuek
East Um Pyre
Central Bedfordshire Leo John
Central Bedfordshire Pradip Songara
Central Buckinghamshire Gaurav Kakirwar
Central Buckinghamshire Andrew Peacock
Central Cambridgeshire Ian Collett
Central Cambridgeshire Swapnil Gadkari
Central Essex Pui Chee
Central Essex Kulvinder Dohal
Central Essex Irfan Mustafa
Central Essex Ishar Samath
Central Essex David Spurgeon
Central Essex Iryna Vale
Central Essex Lawrence Yap
Central Essex Wenjie Zhu
Central Herefordshire Chris Taylor
Central Hertfordshire Ashraf Hossain
Central Middlesex Alen Jose
Central Middlesex Xiang Li
Central Middlesex Evelyn Lynch
Central Middlesex Sushil Rapatwar
Central Oxfordshire Matthew Smith
Central Wales David Evans
Central Wales Simon Ewins

English BWF Certificated umpires:

  • Paul Buffham

English BE Certificated umpires:

  • Amanda Balaam
  • Alan Crow
  • David Evans
  • Allan Potter
  • Bruno Rodrigues
  • Gavin Smith
  • Mike Wright

English BE Accredited umpires:

  • Dominic Codera
  • Simon Dart
  • Martyn Davis
  • Paul Edwards
  • Vicky Hatton
  • Lizzy James
  • Nicola Read
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