Officers and Committee

President: Miss J. E. Humphreys
Vice-President: P. B. James
Chairman: M. B. Banham
Honorary Secretary: Miss A. J. Balaam
Honorary Treasurer: I. G. Collett
Miss A. J. Balaam Honorary Secretary
M. A. Banham Chairman
E. W. Brown Nominee of Badminton England
I. G. Collett Honorary Treasurer; Finance Sub-Committee Lead
A. Crow Technical Sub-Committee Lead
Miss J. E. Humphreys President
P. B. James Vice President
I. Johnstone Membership Secretary
D. E. Morden Elected Member Representative (2022-2024)
A. B. Potter Assessment Sub-Committee lead
Ms N. Read Regional Secretaries Sub-Committee Lead
J. Richards Training Sub-Committee Lead
G. Smith Selection Sub-Committee Lead
C J. Taylor Elected Member Representative (2023-2025)
Vacant Nominee of the Badminton Line Judges Association of England



J. Richards (Lead), M. A. Banham, S. Dart, P. B. James, A. B. Potter, D. Codera


G, Smith (Lead), Miss A. Balaam, A. Crow, Miss E. K. James, I. Johnstone, C. J. Taylor


A. Crow (Lead), Mrs V. A. Hatton, P. B. James, D. E. Morden


I. G. Collett (Lead), Mrs V. A. Hatton, D. E. Morden


A. B. Potter (Lead), Mrs V. Andrews, M. Banham, P. Buffham, Ms N. Read

Regional Secretaries:

Ms N. Read (Lead), I. Johnstone, P. Songara

Mrs V.V. Andrews, Miss A.J. Balaam, M.A. Banham, P. Buffham, Miss J.E. Humphreys, D. Hinton, P.B. James, D.N. Martin, D.E. Morden, A.B. Potter, C.J. Taylor

North Region:

Miss A.J. Balaam, M.A. Banham, P. Buffham, A. Crow (Secretary), A. Gilberthorpe, Miss J.E. Humphreys, C.J. Hardy, Miss E.K. James, P.B. James, D.N. Martin, Ms N. Read, Y. Suleman

Central Region:

I.G. Collett, M. Davis, D. Hinton (Secretary), C.J. Taylor

South Region:

Mrs V.V. Andrews, D. Codera, D.L. Evans, D.E. Morden (Secretary), A. Potter

The Officers and Committee have determined that we do not require a formal Data Protection Officer, but the recommendation of the ICO is for us to nominate a person responsible for data protection. This will be a Member of the Association, independent of the Committee, who has some knowledge of the GDPR and can periodically monitor the use of data from the Association's Membership database to ensure compliance with the GDPR.

Member Responsible for Data Protection: S. Dart

Umpire Representatives on County Committees

Durham P. Edwards
Isle of Man Mrs C. Whitehead
Kent R. Hart
Lancashire Y. Suleman
Middlesex W. J. J. Herdman
Nottinghamshire D. N. Martin
Yorkshire A. Gilberthorpe
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