In Force: 01/01/2018


2.1.A Referee is appointed for all BWF sanctioned tournaments by BWF (Grade 2 – Levels 1 to 6) or by a Continental Confederation ("CC") (Grade 3). The Referee is in overall charge of the tournament (Law 17.1).

2.2.An Umpire is appointed for a match by the Referee and shall report to, and act under, the authority of the Referee (Law 17.2).

2.3.A Service Judge and Line Judges are normally appointed for the match by the Referee and can be replaced by the Referee or the Umpire in consultation with each other (Law 17.6.4).

2.4.An Official's decision shall be final on all points of fact for which that Official is responsible, except that:

2.4.1.If, in the opinion of the Umpire, it is beyond reasonable doubt that a Line Judge has clearly made a wrong call, the Umpire shall overrule the decision of the Line Judge (Law 17.5.1), or

2.4.2.When an Instant Review System (IRS) is in operation, it shall be used to decide on any line call challenge (Law 17.5.2).

2.5.When a Service Judge or a Line Judge is unsighted, the Umpire shall make the decision. When no decision can be made, a 'let' shall be called (Law 17.6.6), unless IRS is in use, in which case it will be used to decide on the line call.

2.6.The Umpire shall be in charge of the court and its immediate surrounds (Law 17.2).

2.7.The Umpire's jurisdiction shall exist from entering the Field Of Play before the match until leaving the Field Of Play after the match.

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