In Force: 01/01/2018


This section gives general instructions which shall be followed by Umpires.

6.1.Know and understand the Laws of Badminton and ITTO. Pay special attention to recent changes.

6.2.Call promptly and with authority, but, if a mistake is made, admit it, apologise and correct it.

6.3.Change your call if you have been quickly and convincingly advised by your Service Judge to that effect.

6.4.Call the Referee on court when a problem arises you are not certain you can handle on your own.

6.5.Listen to your Service Judge when he delivers an important message. Together you form one team.

6.6.Make all announcements and calling of the score distinctly and loudly enough to be heard clearly by players and the spectators.

6.7.If a doubt arises in your mind as to whether an infringement of the Laws has occurred or not, do not call a 'fault', and allow the game to proceed.

6.8.Never ask the spectators nor be influenced by them or their remarks.

6.9.Motivate the other Technical Officials (e.g. maintain eye contact with the Service Judge and discreetly acknowledge the decisions of Line Judges) and establish a working relationship with them.

6.10.Wear the appropriate uniform, including following the Clothing Regulations for Umpires where a uniform has not been provided (GCR, Regulation 24).

6.11.Adhere to the Technical Officials Code of Conduct.

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