In Force: 01/01/2018


4.1.The Role of the Referee and Relations to Other Stakeholders

4.1.1.The Referee shall know and understand the Laws of Badminton. Referee shall at all times stay updated on BWF Code of Ethics and General Competition Regulations, their related documents, in particular the Technical Officials' Code of Conduct, and other official tournament related official communications from BWF (and CC). Referee shall be familiar with BWF information technology (IT) tools and their operation.

4.1.2.Being in overall charge of the tournament, the Referee shall lead, manage and motivate the Technical Officials. Referee shall establish constructive working relationships with any Deputy Referees, Umpire Assessors, the Organising Committee, the Team Managers (representing the players) and any BWF (or CC) Representatives or Staff appointed to the tournament. Referee, representing BWF (or the CC) shall lead by example. The Referee shall be punctual and demand punctuality of others, dress correctly and request that the other Technical Officials do likewise.

4.1.3.The Referee shall observe play and, after consultation when appropriate, take all necessary action to ensure that play is fair and correct. Referee may delegate duties to other Technical Officials. However, delegation shall be followed up and the ultimate responsibility remains with the Referee. decision by a Deputy Referee shall be considered as a decision by the Referee. There is no appeal of such a decision to the Referee.

4.1.4.The Referee, in cooperation with the Organising Committee and BWF (or CC), is responsible for the conditions under which the tournament is conducted. Referee shall provide the players with safe and good playing conditions. Referee is responsible for providing all Technical Officials with conditions that will enable them to carry out their duties safely and effectively. Referee shall assist the Organising Committee and BWF (or the CC) with providing the best possible presentation of the tournament to the spectators in the stadium and to any television audience. The Referee shall work in close cooperation with BWF staff and respect the Federation's contractual obligations (e.g. to television and sponsors).

4.1.5.The Referee must remain fair and calm at all times, and shall be prepared to take all necessary decisions. a major decision is taken, review any relevant regulations or legislation, reflect and, if in doubt, consult your Deputy(s), BWF, the Organising Committee and/or a Referee Assessor, as appropriate. a decision is taken, communicate it clearly and ensure that it is well understood by the recipients. a mistake be made, admit it, correct it, and apologize.

4.2.Handling Questions and Complaints

4.2.1.The Referee shall be available and approachable, such that Team Managers (on behalf of the players), Technical Officials and other stakeholders are encouraged and feel comfortable to come forward with their questions, comments or complaints. This approach will generally facilitate and improve the Referee's decision-making process.

4.2.2.When a Team Manager or a player comes to the Referee to request a decision on a specific case, the Referee should: carefully to the case and the arguments put forward; questions to fully clarify the issue, using an interpreter if necessary, and ensure that all the facts are well understood; time, if necessary, to reflect over the case, consult any relevant legislation, regulations and other sources of information; in mind that the person raising the case is an advocate for his team or players; the importance and the urgency of the decision, decide on the priority and whether the Referee shall take the decision or if it should be referred elsewhere; the decision as soon as possible but only when ready to do so; and the decision to the person raising the case and to all others that the decision may directly or indirectly affect.

4.2.3.In order to minimize the occurrence of justified complaints, the Referee shall be proactive in anticipating and preventing potential problems and in taking pre-emptive action to solve issues before they materialize or escalate.

4.2.4.Unsatisfied complaints and problems that cannot be resolved at the tournament may indicate the need for a review of Laws or regulations and should be reported to BWF (or CC) through the Referee's Report or otherwise.

4.3.Anti-Doping and Match-Fixing

4.3.1.The Referee, as well as all other Technical Officials, shall at all times be in compliance with the BWF Code of Ethics, Technical Officials' Code of Conduct, and their related documents. In particular, the Referee has an obligation to promote the provisions related to betting, wagering and irregular match results to the Technical Officials working under his authority and to observe that they follow the provisions of the codes.

4.3.2.Concerning anti-doping, the Referee has the responsibility verify that the Organising Committee provides adequate working conditions for doping control; make the Team Managers aware that random and/or targeted doping control may take place during and after the tournament; be aware of any doping control arrangements that BWF may have made with the relevant National AntiDoping Organization (NADO) and assist the National Anti-Doping Officers in executing their task if requested to do so; and look after the players' health and safety and ensure that fair play prevails (e.g. the playing schedule may, if necessary, be changed to accommodate players having been selected for or undergoing doping control).

4.3.3.Concerning match-fixing, the Referee has the responsibility make the Team Managers aware of the BWF regulations and countermeasures in place concerning players not giving their best efforts, particularly the arrangements for observation of matches between players from the same Member; closely observe play on court as well as what may be happening around the tournament, including the audience in the stadium, bearing in mind that matchfixing may potentially be occurring; and take appropriate action promptly should any suspicious action be observed and inform BWF immediately.


4.4.1.Media play an important role in the presentation of any tournament and the Referee shall assist in providing adequate working conditions for journalists, photographers and television staff, without jeopardizing the health and safety of the players, the working conditions for the Technical Officials or the playing conditions.

4.4.2.The Referee shall be aware of any specific BWF (or CC) guidelines for media staff and assist in upholding these guidelines on the Field Of Play.

4.4.3.The Referee, on behalf of all Technical Officials, shall assist BWF (or the CC) Communication staff in responding to technical questions from the media related to the tournament, or, in their absence, answer such questions.

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