BWF Notifications

This page will be used to upload notifications from the BWF relating directly to the Laws of Badminton or the Recommendations to Technical Officials, or relating to technical officials in any other manner, such as code of conduct, etc.

 TitleDescriptionModified Date
BWF Code of EthicsBWF Code of Ethics, approved by the BWF Council on 19 March 2017.6/29/2017
Technical Officials Code of ConductUpdated TO Code of Conduct, approved by the BWF Council on 19 March 2017. Note that 4.14 should read "Refrain from" rather than "Reframe"!6/29/2017
Player Clothing Database - January 2017This is an important document for all umpires working at the All England or any other event where the BWF regulations relating to player clothing are to be enforced.1/26/2017
Experimental Scoring - September 2016 to December 2017This document contains guidance to Technical Officials officiating at a tournament where the Experimental Scoring System will be in use between September 2016 and December 2017.10/21/2016
1. Amendments to the Laws of Badminton - Approved - BWF AGM - 21 May 2016This document contains changes to the Laws of Badminton, approved at the BWF AGM on 21 May 2016.6/14/2016
3. Letter to Member Associations - Regulation Changes - 2 June 2016This document includes minor changes to the IRS and Misconduct sections of the Laws Appendices.6/14/2016
2. Council Approved Amendments to Part III Section 1A - Appendix 5 - 26 ...This document includes important changes relating to umpires and betting. In summary, BWF and Badminton Europe umpires may not bet on ANY badminton match.6/14/2016
2016 Member Associations AdvertisingThe approved Member Association advertising for players’ shorts/skirts for 2016. This advertising is allowed through 31 December 2016. 3/30/2016
Revised - Part III Section 1A - Appendix 5Revision to the code of conduct in relation to betting, wagering and irregular match results.3/23/2016
Letter to BWF TO Update March 2016Notes about the changes to the IRS, use of the white card, and the revision of the code of conduct in relation to betting.3/23/2016
Player Clothing - Compression SocksInstruction on how to deal with advertising on compression socks, which are becoming increasingly popular with players.12/22/2015
Para-Badminton Competition RegulationsApproved changes to the Para-Badminton Competition Regulations.11/20/2015
Regulations Update for Technical OfficialsA letter from BWF Events Director, Darren Parks, to member associations regarding the recently approved changes to the RTTO, General Competition Regulations, and specific tournament regulations, for your reference.11/20/2015
BWF Travel BookingsNot law-related, and only applicable to BWF umpires, but at the moment there is nowhere else to put this on the site, so it is going here until a better home is found for it!10/27/2015
TOs & Social MediaA very important letter to all BWF TOs, but applies to anyone officiating at a BWF event, so applicable to a large number of English umpires due to their involvement with the All England.10/27/2015
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