Authorised Umpires

The 93 currently active BUAofE umpires:

Region County Umpire
North Cheshire Margaret Redfern
North Cheshire Jonathan Richards
North Derbyshire Jan Barber
North Derbyshire Paul Wan
North Durham Trevor Chapman
North Durham Paul Edwards
North Durham Caroline Stewart
North Durham James Zhu
North Isle of Man Patsy Davies
North Isle of Man David Goldsmith
North Isle of Man Sharon Kelly
North Isle of Man John Thornley
North Isle of Man Caroline Whitehead
North Lancashire Malcolm Banham
North Lancashire Alan Crow
North Lancashire Simon Dart
North Lancashire Ken Hughes
North Lancashire Chengguang Liu
North Lancashire Nigel South
North Lancashire Chris Steeden
North Lancashire Yunus Suleman
North Lancashire Bryan Teal
North Lancashire Diane Williams
North Lincolnshire Paul Buffham
North Lincolnshire Chris Taylor
North Northumberland Elizabeth Alam
North Northumberland Angela Tung
North Nottinghamshire Lizzy James
North Nottinghamshire Phil James
North Nottinghamshire David Martin
North Yorkshire Andrew Baxter
North Yorkshire Andrew Bennett
North Yorkshire Alan Gilberthorpe
North Yorkshire John Hardy
North Yorkshire Nicola Read
North Yorkshire Vicky Ryan
North Yorkshire Pet-Lim (Esther) Yap
Midland Leicestershire Lax Sundavadra
Midland Shropshire Thomas Moffitt
Midland Staffordshire Donna Taylor
Midland Warwickshire Martyn Davis
Midland Warwickshire Dave Hinton
Midland Warwickshire Rizvan Sadikot
Midland Warwickshire Sak Wathanasin
Midland Worcestershire Stephanie Cartwright-Randle
South Berkshire Martin Godfrey
South Berkshire Doug Morden
South Berkshire Alan Wright
South Kent Kamal Balakrishnan
South Kent Cleveland Douglas
South Kent Robin Hart
South Kent Philip Jones
South Surrey Val Andrews
South Surrey Dominic Codera
South Surrey Claudio Di Mauro
South Surrey Ian Johnstone
South Surrey Ian McGowan
South Surrey Colin Murray
South Surrey Bernard Shelley
South Surrey Joanne Small
South Surrey Chris Williams
South Sussex Mark Allen
South Sussex Sean Colbert
South Sussex Ron Wood
East Buckinghamshire Ashish Mehta
East Buckinghamshire Mike Wright
East Cambridgeshire Ian Collett
East Cambridgeshire Swapnil Gadkari
East Cambridgeshire Kong Susanto
East Essex Malcolm Bailey
East Essex Ashraf Hossain
East Essex Irfan Mustafa
East Essex David Spurgeon
East Hertfordshire Melissa Davey
East Middlesex Suranga Fernando
East Middlesex Cormac Meegan
East Middlesex Sushil Rapatwar
East Suffolk Amanda Balaam
South West Avon Pradip Songara
South West Devon Alan Berry
South West Devon Sarah Preece
South West Devon Matt Raasch-Sotinwa
South West Devon Sue Williams
South West Dorset Allan Potter
South West Wales David Evans
South West Wales Simon Ewins
South West Wales James Morris
South West Wiltshire John Earney
South West Wiltshire Wayne Epton
South West Wiltshire Howard Patterson
South West Wiltshire Jagadambi Racharla
South West Wiltshire Adetokunbo Salako
South West Wiltshire Barry Whitting

Badminton World Federation Umpires

English BWF Certificated umpires:

  • Paul Buffham
  • Mike Wright

Europe Confederation Umpires

English BE Certificated umpires:

  • Amanda Balaam
  • Alan Crow
  • Allan Potter
  • Gavin Smith
  • Lax Sundavadra

English BE Accredited umpires:

  • Dominic Codera
  • Simon Dart
  • Paul Edwards
  • David Evans
  • Joanne Small
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