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Published on Friday, June 17, 2016

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20th March 1953

A letter was read from Mr. A.D. Wadsworth expressing very strong views that "Instructions to Umpires" were too rigid and did not allow enough individuality. The Hon. Secretary's letter in reply was also read. In the ensuing discussion, there was some sympathy for Mr. Wadworth's views, as it was felt that an umpire who had been used to a particular phraseology over a number of years might find it difficult suddenly to conform to a different set of phraseology without temporarily impairing the standard of his umpiring. Nevertheless, it was felt highly desirable that in due course it would be in the interests of efficient umpiring if a standard form of wording could be adopted. It would make it much easier for players if they always knew the wording any umpire would use, and this would particularly apply to foreign players, who may not understand English well, playing in the "All-England" Championships, or any international matches.

Finally, it was decided that "Instructions to Umpires" should be called "Recommendations to Umpires", and a covering note inserted with the Recommendations to the effect that it was realised that umpires who had not been used to a certain phraseology for a long time may not be able suddenly to adopt a new set of phraseology without temporarily impairing their efficiency, but that in due course it was hoped that by example and custom the Recommendations would be universally adopted, and thus make it easier for players, particularly foreigners, to follow the umpire.

Since we have already had requests from South Africa and New Zealand for our Rules and "Instructions to Umpires", it was felt that in due course our methods might unofficially be adopted in many parts of the world, which was an additional reason for recommending uniformity.

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Author: Honorary Secretary

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