This Appendix lists the standard vocabulary that shall be used by the umpire to control a match.

1.Announcements and Introductions

1.1'Ladies and Gentlemen:

1.1.1on my right, ..... (player name), ..... (country name), and on my left, ..... (player name), ..... (country name); or

1.1.2on my right, ..... (player names), ..... (country name), and on my left ..... (player names), ..... (country name)

1.1.3on my right, ..... (country / team name), represented by ..... (player name), and on my left, ..... (country / team name), represented by ..... (player name); or

1.1.4on my right, ..... (country / team name), represented by ..... (player names), and on my left, ..... (country / team name), represented by ..... (player names)

1.2.1..... (player name) to serve; or

1.2.2..... (country / team name) to serve;

1.3.1..... (player name) to serve to ..... (player name);

1.3.2..... (player name) to ..... (player name);'

To be used in the order shown in the table below, as appropriate:

Individual1.1.1,, 1.3.1
Team1.1.3,, 1.2.2, 1.3.2

2.Start of match and calling the score

2.1'Love all'


2.3'Service over'


2.5'Court ...' (number) '20 seconds'

2.6'... game point ...' e.g. '20 game point 6', or '29 game point 28'

2.7'... match point ...' e.g. '20 match point 8', or '29 match point 28'

2.8'... game point all' e.g. '29 game point all'

2.9'... match point all' e.g. '29 match point all'


2.11'First game won by .....' (in team championship, use name of country / team) '...' (score)

2.12'Second game'

2.13'Second game won by .....' (in team championship, use name of country / team) '...' (score)

2.14'One game all'

2.15'Final Game'

3.General Communication

3.1'Come here for the toss'

3.2'Who will serve?'

3.3'Choose your end'

3.4'Who will receive?'

3.5'Are you ready?'

3.6'Ready to play'

3.7'Place your bag properly in the basket'

3.8'Serve from ...'

3.9'Receive in ...'

3.10'Right service court'

3.11'Left service court'

3.12'You missed the shuttle during service'

3.13'The receiver is not ready'

3.14'You attempted the return of service'

3.15'You must not influence the line judge'

3.16'You must not influence the service judge'

3.17'Come here'

3.18'Is the shuttle OK?'

3.19'Test the shuttle'

3.20'Change the shuttle'

3.21'Do not change the shuttle'

3.22'Play a let'

3.23'Change ends'

3.24'You did not change ends'

3.25'You served from the wrong service court'

3.26'You received from the wrong service court'

3.27'You served out of turn'

3.28'You received out of turn'

3.29'You must not interfere with the shuttle'

3.30'The shuttle passed through the net'

3.31'The shuttle did not pass over the net'

3.32'The shuttle touched you'

3.33'You touched the net'

3.34'A shuttle came on the court'

3.35'You are standing in the wrong service court'

3.36'You distracted your opponent'

3.37'Your coach distracted your opponent'

3.38'You hit the shuttle twice'

3.39'You slung the shuttle'

3.40'You invaded your opponent's court'

3.41'You obstructed your opponent'

3.42'Are you retiring?'

3.43'Fault – receiver'

3.44'Service fault called'

3.45'Service delayed, play must be continuous'

3.46'You must not delay the game'

3.47'You left the court without permission'

3.48'Play is suspended'

3.49'.....' (name of player) 'warning for misconduct'

3.50'.....' (name of player) 'fault for misconduct'

3.51'.....' (name of player) 'disqualified for misconduct'




3.55'Line judge – signal'

3.56'Service judge – signal'

3.57'Correction IN'

3.58'Correction OUT'

3.59'Wipe the court'

3.60'Coach leave the court'

3.61'Switch off your mobile phone'

4.End of Match

4.1'Match won by .....' (name of player) '...' (scores)

4.2'.....' (name of player/team) 'retired'

4.3'.....' (name of player) 'disqualified'


0-Love11-Eleven22-Twenty two
1-One12-Twelve23-Twenty three
2-Two13-Thirteen24-Twenty four
3-Three14-Fourteen25-Twenty five
4-Four15-Fifteen26-Twenty six
5-Five16-Sixteen27-Twenty seven
6-Six17-Seventeen28-Twenty eight
7-Seven18-Eighteen29-Twenty nine
10-Ten21-Twenty one
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