Technical Officials Code of Conduct



1.1To maintain the highest standards of conduct for Technical Officials at BWF Sanctioned Tournaments.


2.1This Code is applicable to all Technical Officials – referees, umpires, service judges, line judges, referee assessors, umpire assessors, umpire coordinators, line judge coordinators and technical delegates – participating in, and officiating at BWF Sanctioned badminton tournaments worldwide.


3.1Technical Officials covered under this Code are required to adhere to the general provisions of the BWF Code of Ethics as well as the core values, principles and conduct defined in the BWF Code of Ethics.


Technical Officials are required to follow the specific provisions as outlined in this Code of Conduct:

4.1Be honest, consistent, objective, impartial and courteous when enforcing the rules of the games.

4.2Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all involved, regardless of gender, abilities or cultural backgrounds.

4.3Take reasonable measures to protect Players and safeguard the welfare of the Players, ensuring that competitions are conducted in a safe and fair manner.

4.4Provide leadership, guidance and support to participants and in particular, other Technical Officials.

4.5Refrain from criticizing the abilities and worth of colleagues. Provide support and mentoring of others.

4.6Portray officiating in a positive, professional and respectful manner.

4.7Keep up to date on knowledge of the Laws of Badminton, rules and regulations of the game, trends and principles of their application.

4.8Be a role model for sport – in behaviour, communication and personal appearance.

4.9Wear the assigned Technical Official clothing at all times when on duty at the Tournament. When off duty wear appropriate attire.

4.10Avoid withdrawing from an event without any valid reason (injury, illness or emergency situation) once an appointment has been accepted.

4.11Be on time, attend and be prepared for all briefings.

4.12Always portray and maintain a professional working relationship with Players, team managers, other technical officials and Tournament organisers.

4.13Strictly maintain a clear boundary between friendship and intimacy with Players and this includes:

4.13.1not engaging in any inappropriate relationships with Players.

4.13.2not fraternizing with the Players, and

4.13.3not seek autographs from Players or exchanging t-shirts or pins with Players.

4.14Refrain from making negative, derogatory or personal comments and comments that may imply bias or question professionalism or integrity through media and social media posts that relate to Tournament officials, technical officials, coaches, team officials or Players. Follow all the requirements of the Technical Officials Social Media Policy.

4.15Follow the provisions of the Code of Conduct in Relation to Betting, Wagering and Irregular Match Results.

4.16Do not undertake any action promoting, facilitating, associating with, or otherwise supporting behavior or actions that contravene the BWF Anti-Doping Regulations.


5.1Alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct shall be investigated using the principles and procedures detailed in the BWF Judicial Procedures.

5.2Technical Officials are required to report breaches of this Code and the Code of Ethics and to cooperate and assist fully in investigations.

5.3Any Technical Official who has determined to commit any offence under this Code shall be deemed to have breached this Code. Breaches of the Code constitute the basis for disciplinary action and appropriate penalties.

5.4Alleged breaches of the Code require a disciplinary hearing process as determined by the BWF Judicial Processes.

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