Player's Code of Conduct


The Recommendations to Technical Officials includes the following:

3.5During the match, the following situations shall be watched for and dealt with as detailed.

3.5.10Player’s conduct on the court Umpire shall ensure that players conduct on the court is honourable and in a sportsmanlike manner. breach of Players’ Code of Conduct Regulations 4.5 to 4.7, and 4.11 to 4.17 (Part III, Section 1A, Appendix 4) shall be considered to be an offence under Law 16.6.4.

The Players’ Code of Conduct document was updated in 2017, with the new Code coming into effect on 1 June 2017. However, the RTTO document has not yet changed (the entire document is being rewritten, with an expected release date in early 2018), so the section numbers mentioned above are not valid. Below is the specific section of the Players’ Code of Conduct Regulations that you should know and be prepared to enforce in the normal way (before the match, reporting to the Referee if a resolution is not possible, and during the match, usually at least one verbal warning, followed by a yellow card, then a red card, if absolutely necessary), using the new numbering:

4.2 Being a Model Competitor on-Court

Players are at the centre of competitions and their on-court conduct is seen by other Players, the spectators in the stadium and a televisions audience of potentially hundreds of millions of people. Acting professionally and being a good role model is expected for all Players in international competitions.

Players are responsible for their on-court presentation, behaviour, conduct and performance including the following:

4.2.1Not arriving late for a match, resulting in a “no-show”.

4.2.2Conducting themselves in an honourable and sportsmanlike manner during any match or at any time while within the precincts of the site of a BWF Sanctioned Tournament.

4.2.3Complying with the goodwill formalities before, during and after any match including thanking Technical Officials and shaking hands with opposing Players. Players must thank their opponents and umpire before leaving the field of play to celebrate with their coach or the crowd.

4.2.4Presenting themselves for competition play in a suitable smart manner with clean and acceptable badminton sports clothing.

4.2.5Complying with the conditions of entry of each Tournament with regard to clothing and advertising regulations (General Competition Regulations 19 - 23).

4.2.6Always using one’s “best efforts” to win a match.

4.2.7Completing a match in progress unless reasonably unable to do so.

4.2.8Respecting technical officials and not trying to influence the decisions of technical officials in any way using an arm, hand, racket gestures, or orally.

4.2.9Not seeking coaching during play except as permitted under the Laws. Communication of any kind, audible or visible, between a Player and a coach may be construed as coaching.

4.2.10Not using words commonly known and understood in any language to be profane or indecent and uttered clearly and loudly enough to be heard by the umpire or spectators.

4.2.11Not making gestures or signs with the hands and/or racket or shuttle that commonly have an obscene or offensive meaning.

4.2.12Not intentionally hitting a shuttle dangerously or recklessly within or out of the court, hitting a shuttle with negligent disregard for the consequences, or deliberately damaging a shuttle.

4.2.13Not deliberately tampering with the shuttle to affect its flight or speed.

4.2.14Not intentionally and violently destroying or damaging rackets or other equipment, or intentionally and violently hitting the net, court, umpire’s chair or other fixtures during a match.

4.2.15Not making a statement within the precincts of the Tournament site, directed at an official, opponent, spectator or other person that implies dishonesty or is derogatory, insulting or otherwise abusive.

4.2.16Not physically abusing an official, opponent, spectator or other person. Even the unauthorised touching of such persons may be regarded as physical abuse.

4.2.17Acting in a sportsmanlike way. Not conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the reputation of the sport.

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