Officers and Committee

North Region:

Miss A. Balaam, M.A. Banham, P. Buffham, A. Gilberthorpe, Miss J.E. Humphreys, C.J. Hardy, P.B. James, D.N. Martin (Secretary), G. Smith, Y. Suleman, C.J. Taylor

Midland Region:

M. Davis, D. Hinton (Secretary), L. Sundavadra

South Region:

M. Allen, Mrs V.V. Andrews, D.E. Morden (Secretary), Miss J. Small

East Region:

I.G. Collett, M.R. Wright (Secretary)

South West Region:

D.L. Evans, H.T. Patterson (Secretary), A. Potter

Umpire Representatives on County Committees

Durham P. Edwards
Guernsey Mrs S. Naftel
Hampshire J. Frisby
Isle of Man Mrs C. Whitehead
Kent R. Hart
Lancashire Y. Suleman
Leicestershire S. Wathanasin
Lincolnshire C.J. Taylor
Middlesex W.J.J. Herdman
Nottinghamshire D.N. Martin
Sussex M. Allen
Warwickshire R. Sadikot
Wiltshire H.T. Patterson
Yorkshire A. Gilberthorpe
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